Source Of Hope Ministries is a faith based, Christian, nonprofit corporation, with the primary purpose of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to areas where the population is experiencing difficulty, typically poverty.  Our goal is to bring hope to these areas through education, vocational training, food, housing, and ultimately a saving faith in Jesus Christ. 

The officers of Source Of Hope Ministries, have been on many short term missions projects to Guatemala, working on school and church construction teams.  We have seen the many positive effects the local churches and schools have on the population.  We have also seen the need for additional funding for the expanding schools, as well as housing and other humanitarian projects.  We partner with Gallilea Evangelical Church in San Lucas, Guatemala to support specific projects in Guatemala.

  1. We offer sponsorships for children to attend schools in two localities in Guatemala – Finca el Zapote, and Membrillal.  These are very poor areas, with high unemployment, many single parent families, and either substandard or nonexistent public school facilities.  In addition to an excellent education, these schools provide two meals a day five days a week to the students. These students also receive some health care, and their families participate in classes designed to teach basic life skills.  These schools are having a large impact on the communities they serve.
  2. We also assist in raising funds, as well as participating in construction projects at the schools.
  3. We accept contributions to provide efficient, vented wood burning stoves to families currently cooking over open fires inside their homes.  These stoves use 70% less wood than open fires, and the smoke is vented outside, resulting in fewer respiratory and vision problems especially in the children.
  4. We accept contributions to provide improved housing for those in most need.
  5. We also send teams on short term trips to assist in all of the above areas.

Source Of Hope Ministries will seek out new opportunities where our holistic approach to ministry, meeting physical needs while also attending to spiritual needs, can make a positive impact on lives.  We strive to be a source of hope for these communities.