Frequently Asked Questions

How do I communicate with my sponsored child?

The children love to receive letters from their sponsors.  We encourage you to send letters to your sponsored child often.  Letters should be sent to:
Source of Hope Ministries
P.O. Box 293099
Kettering, OH 45429
We will provide translation, if needed, and forward letters to your sponsored child.  You will receive communication from your child at least two times per year


Does my contribution go directly to my sponsored child?

Your contribution is used to provide benefits for your sponsored child, not directly to your child.  All of the contributions for a school, are combined to provide a stable monthly budget for the school.  This allows for the most efficient use of the funds.


What benefits does my sponsored child receive from my monthly donation?

Your child receives a good Christian education, two nourishing meals a day on school days, health care, and training in proper hygiene.  Classes are also available for the parents that may need guidance in everyday life issues.


Does my $35 a month cover all the costs of those benefits?

The cost of providing all of the above services, including food, books, school supplies, training materials, health care, teacher salaries and occasional help for the families averages $70 per month.  To keep your commitment as low as possible, we offer sponsorships as low as $35 per month.  You may choose to sponsor your child at either the $35 or $70 per month level.  Children that have a $35 sponsor may also have a second sponsor at the $35 level.  This does not diminish the relationship you have with your sponsored child.  Some friends of the ministry make general donations to the schools, some sponsors choose to contribute more, and sometimes a student may have two sponsors.


Do the children live at the school, or do they stay with their families?

Excellent question!  Both approaches are valid depending on the circumstances.  Our ministry is to provide hope, both the hope of Jesus Christ, and the hope of a better future, to our students, and their families.  The children stay with their families, and are brought to the school, and taken home by a parent.  The parents also volunteer at the schools.  This family involvement is invaluable to the students, their families, and the community.


Can I visit my sponsored child?

There are many short term trips to Guatemala every year. You are welcome to join one of those trips.  Please contact us for more information concerning housing, cost, etc.


Can I make a one time donation instead of a monthly commitment?

Certainly.  You can always make a one time contribution of any amount to any of our projects.  You also can make donations on a schedule that fits your circumstances rather than monthly.  Of course steady consistent giving helps in budgeting for the schools, but all donations will be used wisely to further our mission.


How much of my donation actually goes to providing services in the field?

Source of Hope Ministries is committed to keeping administrative and fundraising costs to a minimum. Because education and spiritual training is so important to our ministry, 100% of child sponsorship donations go directly to the school.  We cover as much of the administrative and fundraising costs as possible through donations from individuals closely associated with the ministry. If this should ever become insufficient to meet administrative expenses, we may set aside up to 5% of other donations to cover such expenses.  This is extremely low compared to other ministries of this type.


Are my contributions tax deductible?

Source Of Hope Ministries is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.